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What is the best Vegetarian Sausage

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"What is the best Vegetarian Sausage"
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I am a new fan of MorningStar Farms Original Vegetarian Sausage Patties! Vegetarian sausage is a healthy choice and Morningstar Farms hits the mark.

I am not a vegetarian so it took a little effort to overcome my unwillingness to try a product that looks like sausage but really isn’t sausage. I mean there is actually no pig in that patty now is there? Yes I know sausage can be made from other meats as well but the key word here is MEAT. So when my husband walks in from his shopping trip to Costco with a big box of Morning Star Farms Original Sausage Patties and his often repeated warning of how we need to start eating a healthier diet, I was a bit skeptical. I tried not to roll my eyes.

As the sausage sizzled in the microwave and the toast browned in the toaster I prayed that he would not whip out some of that fake butter product and spring it on me as well.

The sausage emerged from the microwave sizzling and smelling good. It looked slightly crispy brown just like I like my sausage. Hmmm… so far so good. It smelled just like sausage, it looked just like sausage. But still…

My first bite was quite the surprise. The texture was even like sausage only it lacked those little chunks of gristle you sometimes get in meat sausage. It tasted like sausage. It had the right seasonings and salty taste I am used to having in sausage. Very delicious. It passes with an A+ on flavor, texture and visual appeal.

But I just knew it would be loaded with carbs and probably had very little protein. I grabbed the box out of the freezer just ready to make my point about how you just can’t trust those vegetarian products. Well to my surprise it has only 3g of carbs per patty, no trans fats and 10 g of protein. At 80 calories per patty it counts for 1 lean meat exchange on the diabetes exchange food list.

Changing one’s eating habits is not always an easy thing to do. I now have a choice that doesn’t make me feel deprived of the breakfast sausage that I have loved for years.

The Morningstar Farms Original Sausage Patties are delicious. They will now be my sausage of choice! And a bonus - no more little chunks of gristle.

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