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Tradtional Food of Yugoslavia

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Yugoslavia is a country full of rich land and beautiful landscapes. It is one of the remaining countries that still has beautiful small Eastern Europe cottages and an old land feel. Not only does the land feel this way but also their food! Yugoslavia has very traditional food that dates back to when the country first started to form in the Middle Ages. Their food has not changed much and that is what makes this country very unique with a more homey feel.

They are very much known for their uses of appetizers, soups, meat dishes and even tasty sweet desserts. But first and foremost, Yugoslavia enjoys meat meals the most with a grand side of vegetables as well. One of the most popular dishes in this country has to be breaded meat patties. These were eaten by the poor by many centuries and still by middle wealth people today! This is a very basic food but can be found all over the land. It consists of beef, onions, finely grounded with a pinch of salt and pepper. They are then formed into patty shapes and burned into a skillet with fat. That's all there is too it, a nice and easy meal for farmers.

Back in the Medieval era the kings and queens used to feast on many more elegant dishes such as roasted pig, duck, and stuffed lamb with cabbage. They also had, and still do, eat pork and paprika stew which is filled of pork bits and vegetables, preferably peppers, with dashes of paprika. As they are hearty with their appetizers, stuffed peppers and a special dish called musaka, also are used in fine cooking. Musaka is basically dipping slices of egg plant in flour, frying it, and mixing it up with beef and pork for a kind of beef and eggplant salad.

Of course they have rich and full meals, but they have plenty of bakery goods as well, such as the well known baclava, which is a special filo dough filled with almonds, walnuts, and butter lightly melted. Its a well known pastry known to give sweet tooth's their most wanted sweet. Yugoslavia also has something called a lazy pita, which is basically a pie like custard filled with lemon custard, apples, cinnamon and small bread crumbs. Let us not forget that they also have a worldwide treat, and that is cheese cake!

Yugoslavia is full of culture and so is their food, they love the feeling of keeping it traditional and its very noticeable in their meals.    

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