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Toppings for Brie

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"Toppings for Brie"
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One of the most decadent foods in the world is the sweet, creamy, mild cheese known as Brie. This cheese tastes incredible all on its own, but when paired with a topping before being warmed, it becomes positively heavenly. Brie is one of the most popular foods to serve at a party to add a touch of class and elegance to any occasion. If you are looking for some incredible toppings for your Brie, check out some of these suggestions:

-Chocolate and hazelnuts-
Turn Brie into a real dessert! Before wrapping the Brie in a pastry to bake, top it with dark chocolate and fresh, chopped hazelnuts (add a dollop of Nutella if you really want to go all out and up the flavor ante). Serve this type of Brie on top of shortbread cookies for an unforgettable dessert!

Another way to make Brie into a perfect dessert dish is to add some caramel topping, then wrap it up in a puff pastry before baking. The caramel blends incredibly well with the creamy texture of the Brie, and the pastry around the cheese and caramel adds a flaky texture that plays well against the other textures. This tastes absolutely incredible when served on top of slices of fresh, crispy red or green apple. 

-Fresh berries-
Adding fresh berries to the top of Brie adds an elegant, colorful touch and a deliciously sweet taste. Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries work particularly well, though pomegranate seeds and blueberries are also an incredibly delicious choice – and full of antioxidants, as a nice bonus! Use the plainest crackers possible when serving Brie cooked this way - you do not need to add much flavor to it on top of everything else. 

-Fruit relish-
Fruit relish, pie filling, or jam makes an easy and delicious topping for baked Brie! Simply spoon the relish, filling, or jam on top of the Brie before warming it for a unique and tasty topping. With a fruit relish, you may wish to add a little bit of something savory to balance it out. Pomegranate and cranberry topping tastes amazing with a little bit of onions and peppers, for instance! 

-Savory toppings-
Brie, though sweet for a cheese, also makes an amazing base for savory toppings like meats and vegetables. Top Brie with shredded or very thinly chopped meats such as pancetta, prosciutto, ham, beef, or pepperoni for a hearty, meaty touch. For vegetables, consider going Italian with fresh basil, garlic, onions, and tomatoes. 

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