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Top 10 Ice Cream Consuming Countries in the World

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"Top 10 Ice Cream Consuming Countries in the World"
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Have you ever wondered about which country consumes the most ice cream in the world?  Here is a list that gives an idea of who consumes the most ice cream.  Keep in mind that because world consumption and production data is difficult to accumulate, the order can be debated.  This is partly due to variations in methods of reporting.  However, one thing is certain: no matter where you live, ice cream is a delectable treat most people enjoy.

1. United States: It is not surprising at all that the United States is the leading ice cream-consuming country.  For those living in the States, how many people have you met who don’t eat ice cream?  Most people in America would say that they don’t know anyone who doesn’t love ice cream.  On average, each American consumes 26 liters of ice cream each year.  It is estimated that 98 percent of American households purchase ice cream.

2. New Zealand: New Zealanders love ice cream just as much as Americans.  Historically, the New Zealand ice cream market has been competitive and original, serving as a worthy rival for consuming the most ice cream.  One of their most popular ice cream flavors is hokey pokey, which consists of vanilla ice cream with solid lumps of sponge toffee.  It is estimated that each person in New Zealand consumes 23 liters of ice cream per year.

3. Australia: Australians, not far behind New Zealanders, consume about 18 liters of ice cream per year.  It’s not surprising Australia made it on the Top Ten List of ice cream consumption.  A warm climate is ideal for eating ice cream, after all. 

4. Denmark: Surprisingly, Denmark ranked fourth in ice cream consumption at approximately nine liters per person annually.  This is essentially half the amount Americans and New Zealanders consume!

5. Belgium/Luxembourg: Belgium, known for quality beer and waffles, secured fifth place by consuming six liters of ice cream in a year per head.  Maybe they don’t have much room left for ice cream.

6. Sweden: In sixth place at an estimated four liters per person per year is Sweden.  A unique ice cream bar produced in Sweden is called Nogger Black, which consists of a toffee center surrounded in a salt, black licorice shell. 

7. Canada: Not just people in warm climates enjoy ice cream!  Canada ranks seventh on the list of top ten ice cream consuming countries in the world.  Perhaps ice cream and hockey go good together?

8. Norway: Another colder climate country that enjoys indulging in ice cream.  Some popular ice cream flavors in Norway are Chunky Monkey Banana and Cookies and Cream.  Chunky Monkey Banana consists of large chunks of chocolate, brownie, cookie, and walnuts.

9. Ireland: The Irish, notorious for alcohol drinking, also love their ice cream.  A popular ice cream sundae in Ireland is the Salted Peanut and Caramel Sundae.  It consists of honeycomb ice cream and salted peanuts with a caramel meld.

10. Switzerland: The Swiss, known for delicious chocolate, also made it on the Top Ten List.  Some popular flavors in Switzerland are mango sorbet, chocolate, and Crème brulée de Möwenpick.

Each of these countries lead the world in ice cream consumption.  Because the data isn’t completely accurate, it can lead to arguments over who is above another.  Perhaps we should have an ice cream Olympics every four years to determine who is in which position.  Let’s just hope no one dies from brain freeze during eating contests if this were to ever occur!

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