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The Benefits of using Honey

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"The Benefits of using Honey"
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I have for a long time used honey to cure many everyday malladies not only on my family but my animals too. Honey is known for its, antifungal, antibacterial, anti histamine, soothing and healing properties. I have proved it time and time again. Here is a list of ailments we as a family have used honey for:

Conjunctivitus: One teaspoon of unheated, untreated honey in cup of warm water. Wash eyes with this as often as needed.
(I have used this on all animals for eye infections)

Ear infections (including middle ear): Mix in a small eyedropper bottle, half garlic honey (see recipe at end of article)half olive oil and two drops of Lavender oil. Mix together well by shaking then place bottle in a cup of warm water to warm mixture before placing one to two drops in ear. Put cotton wad in to allow time for mixture to do it's work.

Hayfever: The antihistamine properties work well if you get in quickly at first sign of attack. Teaspoon of honey or garlic honey every hour for first six hours, wash eyes out as instructed for conjunctivitus to remove allergens and soothe membranes and an inhalation with two drops of eucalypus oil in hot water to help flush allergens out. In worse case scenario we have applied pawpaw ointment in nasal passages to protect from the allergens. Allergic reaction to Guinea pigs was also averted using these methods.

Ring Worm: Mince small clove of garlic and mix with half teaspoon honey and half teaspoon of olive oil. Place mixture on round cotton pad and then place over ring worm. Leave over night. Repeat if necessary but we have never needed to. Works on animals as well.

Chickenpox: It is really important to draw every last bit of the virus out of your system. Firstly have a warm bath with one cup of epsom salts in it (these are much cheaper if you buy them from a stock feed place, usually $3 for a 2kg bag)Magnesium draws out tokens, then while skin is still warm cover skin in honey and let it absorb into skin. After a few minutes use a damp washer to take away residual stickiness. The antihistamine properties help reduce the itchiness. I also fed them a few teaspoons a day of honey or garlic honey as well. Everytime I thought they couldn't possibly have any more spots within an hour after the bath more would surface.

Burns: Honey straight on burns is now used even in major hospitals so it is no longer in the old wives club. As often as needed. You can't overdose on honey externally.

Make Garlic Honey: We use it for sores, cuts, scrapes, sore throats, well just about everything.

Take a hand of Garlic (preferably organic) chop roughly and place in clean jar. Pour untreated, unheated honey over it put lid on and over next six weeks turn jar regularly upside down so that the garlic moves through the honey. The honey draws the antibiotic properties out of the garlic and as honey is a natural preservative it preserves as well. After a minimum of six weeks your garlic honey is now potently useful for all of the above. You can leave the garlic in there or lightly warm the honey jar in a bowl of warm water and strain garlic out. I leave mine in. DO NOT USE GARLIC HONEY IN YOUR EYES ONLY USE PLAIN HONEY FOR EYES.

All my recipes came from a Chinese Herbalist who has helped me bring up my kids without need for expensive chemist bills. God's pharmacy has proven itself time and time again for us.

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