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Strange and Unusual Ethnic Foods

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Foods are so different among different cultures that they occasionally appear outright bizarre. In my country with about 52 tribal groupings, what we eat in Uganda sometimes scares out right. But that is just Uganda-if you move across Africa, and then extended to other continents, then this thing we call food becomes a complete night mare as my readers will find out here below.

Milk and Raw Blood

In Eastern Uganda Live the Karamojong. They are cattle keepers and survive for as long as their animals keep alive. They don't engage in meaningful agriculture because they must keep their animals well pastured and watered usually away from home in a semi nomadic style. They take mainly milk as food. But what typical Karimojong men eat is milk and blood. Men have special arrows which they use to shoot at a particular neck artery of a cow and then raw blood is drawn into a blood container and carefully mixed with fresh milk before everybody is invited to gleefully drink of it.

Grasshoppers and White ants

Insects are special foods of most communities in Uganda. All the 52 tribal groupings eat white ants. White ants are winged insects that appear during the rainy season and they can be eaten raw, in paste from, cooked as quick snacks in tomato cuttings or pounded into a mash when still fresh and cooked in various ingredients like ghee and peanut paste. Grasshoppers are also eaten in various forms. But the most treasured in Central Uganda is called Nsenene. It is a green fast flying insect that every Central Ugandan considers a serious delicacy. They fried or boiled and eaten as snacks. Other grasshoppers eaten are Locusts.

Edible Giant Rats

In Northern Uganda edible rats are popularly known as Anyeri .They weigh about 5kg and are usually smoke dried before carefully mixing it up with peanut or simsim paste. The Head is reserved for important visitors or the Head of the house. Women don't eat the head of giant rats.

Special Zimbabwean Worms

women and men alike, climbing on top of trees to harvest the worms. It is sold in the local restourants so expensively that only the middle class can afford it.

Biltong- South Africa

In South Africa, animals ranging from cattle to wild animals like spring bok,eland, or even elephants get cut up into strips and hung out to dry like dead snakes. Once it is dry, it is ready for consumption. It is a national snack for all rugby supporters.

In Ukraine salo, a pig fat stored in vats and is eaten cold, raw, smoked, fried or boiled. It is a delicacy over there fondly called the Ukrainian Snickers,

Scorpion Snacks

In Eastern Asia, giant scorpions are carefully grilled and spiced up with their stings carefully trimmed off and offered very expensively in super markets.

Snakes delicacies

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo,and perhaps China, snakes are very serious delicacies. They can be ordered for in restourants and the demand for the stuff is very high among the revelers in big cities.

The list can be endless, but you will agree with me that what we consider foods can be bizarre to say the least!

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