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Snickers name Origin Number one Candy Bar

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"Snickers name Origin Number one Candy Bar"
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Although you'd have to be living in a country that didn't have much candy to not know where the Snickers candy bar got it's name, the history behind it is very interesting indeed. The Snickers bar as we know it now was not the original recipe, however, it was an immediate hit. Inventors Frank C. and Ethel Mars developed the tasty treat in their home in Tacoma, Washington.

The original candy bar was strictly caramel, chocolate and peanuts. Today, it has evolved into chocolate, at least sixteen peanuts per bar, caramel and a soft nougat center. In the United Kingdom, the bar was originally called marathon. How did we come to know it as Snickers?

The Mars candy company, again founded by Frank C. and Ethel Mars, came from a family of equestrians in Tennessee. They had 2000 acres there on a farm called, get ready for it, Milky Way farms. Sound familiar? Yes, that is another of their famous bars but not nearly as popular as Snickers.

On this horse farm there was a horse by the name of Snickers. This horse was so beloved they chose to name their creation after it. However, the history doesn't end there. Snickers evolved over the years.

No one knows for sure when the nougat was added but when it was, it didn't deter fans from purchasing even more of the candy bar. Developers for the company looked for new ways to market it and over the years have come up with such things as Snickers Dark, Snickers Almond, Snickers Ice Cream Cone and Snickers Ice Cream, Snickers Cruncher, Cookies and Snickers, Snickers Duo, Snickers Extreme which contained no nougat and extra protein.

Snickers Charged which had added B12 vitamins and extra caffeine for those who needed a pick-me up and eventually, Snickers Fun Size and Minis. In Australia and New Zealand, they have a bar called Snickers Crispy Piece. This is made with thick cream, caramel, heaps of nuts and nougat as well as chocolate.

Snickers sells 450 tons of product each year, they are a two billion portion of Mars Candy Companys sales each year and a 100 tons of peanuts are used each day. There is always a current television commercial hawking snickers as a treat that will start your day or pick you up.

Apparently, millions of people agree considering the amount of money being spent on the original candy bar alone. The two billion in sales does not account for the other off shoot products, that is just the candy bar alone.

When you consider the origin of the name, Snickers, does it not conjure up the snickering of a horse? Mr. and Mrs. Mars were incredible entrepreneurs. Their legacy and love for the horse not only lives on but is namesake to the number one selling candy bar in America today.

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