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Savoy Cabbage

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Savoy cabbage is a wonderful vegetable. It contains vitamin C, glutamine, vitamin K, potassium and calcium as well as a host of other vitamins and minerals. Savoy cabbage is a truly healing food and yet it is often merely boiled in a pan of water until all the nutritional value has been removed; then the water with all the nutrients is thrown away!

Savoy cabbage can be prepared in many wonderful ways making it delicious and retaining the nutrients. So here is a small sampling of ways to prepare Savoy cabbage.

Stir-fried Savoy Cabbage

This is a great way of preparing Savoy cabbage. After removing the heart the cabbage leaves can be thinly sliced and stir-fried in a hot pan with garlic, ginger and a dab of soy sauce; very simple and very tasty!

Bubble and Squeak with Savoy Cabbage

First boil some potatoes and while they are cooking fry some onions until soft and sweet. Shred your Savoy cabbage and fry it gently with the onion. Then when the potatoes are cooked, drain and roughly mash. Then mix with the onion and Savoy cabbage mixture and pan fry until crispy; the crispier the better!

Sweet and Sour Savoy Cabbage

Stir-fry the Savoy cabbage in a hot pan and after a few minutes add a little soy sauce, tomato puree, Chinese vinegar, a little honey and a touch of corn flour. Stir until the sauce has thickened and serve hot! Do not use too much corn flour or the sauce will turn to pale glue!

Savoy Cabbage with Basil and Tomatoes

This deceptively simple recipe for Savoy cabbage is delicious. Fry garlic with onion, fresh tomato, a little tomato puree and some tomato juice. Add bay leaves and a dash of oregano and simmer the sauce on a gentle heat. Then add the Savoy cabbage and simmer until the Savoy cabbage is al-dente. Serve with fresh basil leaves.

Savoy Cabbage Parcels

Prepare your rice or grain of choice and mix with chopped onion, seasoning and some fresh herbs. Wrap the mixture with the Savoy cabbage leaves and place in a steamer. The cabbage parcels are then steamed until tender.

As you can see these are vegetarian recipes but they can also be used as side dishes with meat and of course meat can be included in any of the recipes.

I started using Savoy Cabbage for health reasons and soon fell in love with it. The secret is not to overcook Savoy cabbage and to not be afraid to use it in new and exciting ways.


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