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How to make the best Chicken Caesar Salad in the world.

I always used to tell people, "salad is best when somebody else makes it." This proved to be true up until the point that I actually taught myself how to make this amazing food. Now, I am that "somebody else" who makes the salad.
Here's my recipe for the simple, yet amazing Chicken Caesar Salad.


Tyson chicken fajita chicken
Romain lettuce hearts
Pre-seasoned Croutons
Caesar Dressing

The amount to make depends on you, and how many people you are serving.

1. Put appropriate amount of chicken on frying pan on stove.
2. While chicken is making, rinse lettuce hearts and put appropriate amount of lettuce into bowl
3. Add croutons.
4. Cut up and add tomatoes to the bowl.
5. Add proportionate amount of caesar dressing.
6. Add chicken when chicken when finished heating.
7. Enjoy while chicken is warm.

This is a very easy and inexpensive way to make a great food! I did not put a specific brand for the croutons or the dressing, test to see whichever dressing you enjoy the most. I personally enjoy 'T. Margetti Supreme Caesar' dressing.

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