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In the early 1980’s the first Pizza Hut opened in my town and as a young child who craved pizza all the time I instantly fell in love.  Pizza Hut pan pizza was like no other pizza that I had tasted before.  When you picked up a slice it didn’t flop much like other types of pizza in my hometown.  In the east, living so close to New York City, up until Pizza Hut came to town, we were forced to eat only New York style pizza. 

Walking into a Pizza Hut today, not much has changed since Pizza Hut first came to my town.  And I have been to many Pizza Hut pizzerias all over the country and they all look similar.  The perimeter of Pizza Hut pizzerias are lined with booths and the centers are filled with tables with a salad bar in the middle. All Pizza Hut pizzerias seem to have jukeboxes that sit in a corner, usually right inside the door so you can check the playlist while you are waiting to get a table. 

One of the things that I didn’t like as a child was that Pizza Hut isn’t like other fast food restaurants.  You don’t get your food immediately.  You have to wait while your pizza is made fresh and baked while you are waiting.  Because waiting is hard for children, they are given a pack of crayons and their placements transform into activity mats with puzzles and games. This helps to keep children busy while they wait for their dinner. 

Pizza Hut is famous for its pan pizzas.  They are baked in a deep dish, although not as deep as a Chicago style deep dish, and the crust is crisp.  Pan pizzas come in many different varieties, such as; veggie lovers, meat lovers, supremes and super supremes.  Or you may order your pizza to your liking; just the way that you like it.

The Pizza Hut pan pizza is a delicious alternative to the New York style fold style crust pizza that dominates my area.  There is nothing wrong with New York style pizza and plenty of people in my area eat it but I prefer Pizza Hut pizza and will eat no other kind of pizza since first tasting Pizza Hut pan pizza almost 30 years ago.  The vegetables, especially the peppers, taste so fresh and the sausage that Pizza Hut uses is distinctly different than any other pizza sausage that I have ever tasted.   

There are other styles of pizzas at most Pizza Huts such as thin style and stuffed crust but the varieties and styles of pizza differ from coast to coast.  There are regional specialties found around the country.  Most Pizza Hut pizzerias have side orders that may be ordered to accompany your pizza.  Breadsticks and Buffalo wings are common side orders. Pizza Hut has expanded over the years and diners who prefer other types of Italian foods to pizza may opt to order salads, different types of pasta or spaghetti.  At the salad bar diners may find many different types of dessert pizzas. 

There are some things that I can say that I don’t like about Pizza Hut.  Although Pizza Hut pizza is delicious it can be quite expensive to dine at Pizza Hut.  Recently Pizza Hut has proudly advertised it has reduced its prices and in many areas across the country you may find that you can get a one topping large pan pizza for as little as $10.  Another thing that I don’t like is that in my area Pizza Hut has added a $3 delivery fee for delivery service.  While this may have been acceptable a few years ago when gas prices were high, I feel that maybe they should look at removing this charge since prices have come back down. 

The Pizza Hut franchise is the largest pizza franchise in the world. The first Pizza Hut was opened in 1958 on the Wichita State University campus in Kansas by brothers Frank and Dan Carney.  It is still open for business today. An interesting fact about Pizza Hut is that it is the country’s biggest user of cheese.  Pizza Hut consumes 3% of the United States cheese products each year. 

If you have never eaten at Pizza Hut I recommend you give your local Pizza Hut a try.  Pizza Hut pizza is so different from other pizzas; with its unique taste and style.  You won’t be disappointed and will no doubt go back again.

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