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Rice, just like pasta, is difficult to keep. On a warm day, rice will spoil very fast if you do not eat it immediately after cooking. If kept in the fridge, boiled rice will harden and becomes difficult to eat. So how do you keep left over sushi roll rice for very long?

Do not Leave Rice in the Fridge for Long

Keep left over sushi roll rice above the crisper, or the less cool parts of the refrigerator. You can only keep it there for a few hours before the rice begins to harden. Keeping the sushi roll rice just cool will prevent the rice from spoiling. Do not forget to cover the sushi roll rice with plastic wrap or keep in a covered container before leaving in the refrigerator. Keeping your food covered in the ref will prevent it from absorbing refrigerator smells which spoils the taste of the food.

Steam Sushi Roll Rice

If you kept leftover sushi roll rice in the fridge too long and the rice has gotten hard, you can revive the sushi rice roll to its original texture and shape by steaming. If you do not have a steamer, put some water in the bottom of a saucepan, about an inch high. Set a grill inside the pan just above the water line. Put the sushi rolls on the grill and set the pan on the stove, covered. The water will evaporated and steam the sushi roll rice back to life. You can also do this with a microwave with a microwave safe plastic steamer.

Stir Fry Hardened Sushi Roll Rice

If steaming is too much work, you can still eat refrigerator hardened roll rice fried. The sushi shape will be ruined, but the rice will be edible. Sprinkle some water on the hardened roll rice when you take it out of the fridge. Let it soak for a few minutes. Heat a wok, add some oil, and stir fry the sushi roll rice. You can even add more seasoning to spice up the rolls while they fry.

Fast Freeze to Preserve

If you plan to keep your sushi roll rice for many days, wrap with plastic and fast freeze it in the ice box. The rice will harden and keep for as long as it remains frozen. When you need to eat it, let the sushi roll rice defrost or stick it in the microwave to thaw faster. Good quality Japanese rice will thaw with its original texture and flavour. But lower quality rice cannot withstand freezing and tends to fall apart when frozen and thawed. 

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