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Lime Juice uses and Benefits

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"Lime Juice uses and Benefits"
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Benefits of lime juice and peel oil.

Lime is a citrus and considered a type of berry.
Originated in Malaysia, reported in Europe in 13th century.
Became popular in the 17th century and in 18th century British seamen ate lime to prevent Scurvy thus were called Limeys'.
Columbus introduced it to the Caribbean where it is now very well cultivated.

- Types of limes
1.Mexican/key lime - round
2.Persian/Tahitian lime -oval usually seedless
3.Kaffir/Thai lime bumpy and seedy
4.Sweet lime

- Storage freeze lime juice can last many months .
Place juice in ziploc bag allow to lie flat then can re stack after
frozen flat it is easier to taken out pieces for use. Alternatively
can be frozen in ice cubes then place in ziplocs.

-Toxicity excessive exposure to peel oil in the sun can cause

1. Medicinal
contains Vitamins A,B,C helps with scurvy
-Sore throat; Lime juice and honey can be used to soothe sore throat .
-Stinging Coral and mosquito bites; rubbing lime relieves irritation.
-Headaches and fever; make a poultice with crushed lime or cut into pieces and place
on forehead.
-many claim it is anti rheumatic,antiseptic and antiviral
-lime juice helps with
a. common cold because of Vitamin C content
b. forgetfulness,gives clarity of thought
c. Intestinal disorders
d. jaundice
e. high blood pressure
f. menorrahgia
g.diarrhea and dysentery
h.flatulence and indigestion
i. bad breath
j.limeade helps to prevent sun and heat stroke

2. Culinary- Baking, pickling, marinating,desserts, beverages
( limeade is one of the best summer drinks),salad
Dressings, garnishes.

3. Beauty therapy-
- Perfume industry, aromatherapy ; utilizes the hard pressed peel oil.
- Hair use lime juice to shampoo then rinse gives freshness.
-Dandruff; rub lime juice on scalp for 15-20 mins. Rinse, gives
clear hair and dandruff free.
-Light Streaks; by applying lime juice to hair and going out in hot
Sun for sometime.
- Acne- apply lime juice on face as astringent.
- Blemished skin-mix 1tbls lime juice with 2 tbls pureed prunes apply
for 15 mins. Then wash area
- Shrink pores-apply lime juice on pores and rinse after 15 mins.
- Oily skin-lime juice and ice cold water; splash on face massage for
5mins. Then wash off.
- Dry and rough face- Mix 1egg yolk,1tbls lime juice and 1tbls olive
oil. Place on face and leave until feels dry. Wash off with
normal temp.water then splash with cold water.
- Improve dull, greasy complexion- tsp lime juice and 1tsp.
cucumber juice and few dps. of rose water. Apply to face and neck
for 15 mins. Then rinse.

4. Cleaning
-Eliminate odors;Grind whole lime in electric garbage disposal to get rid of
unpleasant odors.
-Brass; lime juice is used to get tarnish off brass.
-Detergents; soaps,soap powders; dish washing liquids,toilet bowl cleaners,
-Removal of calcium deposits; dilute lime juice overnight gets rid of calcium
deposits in tea kettles.

5. Dyeing leather- used in the process of such.

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