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How to Transfer Images onto Cakes without using Edible Paper Cake Design Transfer

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"How to Transfer Images onto Cakes without using Edible Paper Cake Design Transfer"
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Not everyone likes the texture and taste of edible parchment transfer designed cakes. Here are some other techniques that may help in your search of cake decorating WITHOUT the edible paper!

Airbrush Design your Cake

You may remember the aspiring artists who airbrushed childrens faces at the county fairs many years since gone. This same technique is now being used to decorate cakes professionally. At Home pastry chefs can easily purchase airbrush guns at a local arts and crafts store such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby or even online, that are specifically designed for cake decorating. After a little practice you can create your own designs or create professional looking cake top photos with the airbrushing technique.

Butter cream Transfer Design

This little known decorating technique is an old standby technique used by many pastry chefs. It is very simple, inexpensive and works well on most any light colored base icings. Trace your design, in reverse, on a piece of wax or parchment paper. Next, carefully pipe your various icing colors onto the parchment or wax paper design and carefully place into the freezer on a cookie sheet. Once your icing design has frozen completely, you can easily flip the paper over onto the top of your cake and slowly peel the paper back to transfer the icing to the top of your cake.

Direct Image Transfer

This technique is very similar to the butter cream transfer design method with the exception that you will need edible ink markers. These are usually found at a specialty cake decorating or arts and crafts store. Using edible ink pens and wax or parchment paper, you can carefully trace the reverse of your desired designs and/or images onto the paper. As soon as you have the desired design and/or images drawn onto the paper, you will have to flip the design over onto the top and/or sides of the iced cake. Carefully and very gently rub the back of the paper onto the cake surface so the design will transfer onto the surface of the cake. Gently pull the paper off and simply use the transferred design to hand pipe the design onto the cake surface using the transferred image as your pattern!

All of these cake decorating methods are very easy and can be used by the at home pastry chef. Once you have mastered decorating your own cakes, you will be able to present hand decorated cakes for such occasions as birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special events! The amount of money you can save by making cakes at home versus buying them at bakery can add up to a huge savings depending on how many cakes you need a year!

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