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How to Sell Morel Mushrooms

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"How to Sell Morel Mushrooms"
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Morel mushrooms are delicious, and because they are only in season for a few months out of the year, they can get quite expensive. So, if you go morel-picking and don't know where to unload your treasure, the following article will tell you how.

First, always make sure that your morels are fresh and that they are really morels. There are "fake" morels out there, and you can tell that they are not real morels by checking the stem. If the stem is hollow, it's a morel; if it's thick and full of cottony-feeling fluff, it's the "fake" morel and you cannot eat it. You can also look at the cap and see whether it looks pretty or not. Seriously - if the cap looks frilly and dark brown, it's a false morel. And, if you cut the mushroom in half and see that even the cap is not hollow, it is, once again, a false morel. Just remember that a real morel is hollow inside, and you are good to go.

Now that you have made sure that your product is safe and fresh, you can start finding grocery stores that will sell them for you. You can sell them by the pound, and usually people ask for $15 a pound, though in some places where people can never find morels in their supermarket aisles, the price can be a lot higher. Remember that they will always haggle about the price. And, if and when they do so, remember that you picked these mushrooms up and it was literally free. The only thing you spent was time, and if your time seems valuable to you, price accordingly.

Another place where you can sell morels without going through a middleman is at flea markets or farmers markets. Farmers markets are especially good places for selling morels because people will know that they are organic, and, if you find some knowledgeable morel-lovers, you may find a following. You can return to the same farmers market every year, and you can exchange business cards with people who look for morels every year.

And lastly, you can sell morels online by going to websites dedicated to this wonderful schroom. This is, effectively, called networking, and can be great if you want to sell your morels fast and locally (remember to always deal locally, in person, and with cash!). Haggling is also done online, so be prepared to give your minimum price.

If you cannot sell your morels, why not treat family and friends by giving these treats away? But remember to tell them not to eat too much, since too much of a good thing is a bad thing, especially with morels, which contain toxins.

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