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How to Prevent a Cut Avocado from Turning Brown

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"How to Prevent a Cut Avocado from Turning Brown"
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Avocados are a wonderful addition to anyone's diet. They are very tasty and they are extremely versatile in the many different things you can make with them, from guacamole to sauces, to something as simple as making a sandwich with them. When preparing avocados there are often leftover pieces and finding out how to store these pieces without them turning brown is always an adventure. When you first cut an avocado the fruit is exposed to the air and it starts to turn brown almost immediately it seems. There are a couple of things you might be able to do to prevent this changing color in your avocados after you cut them.

If you are making a guacamole, dipping sauce or a salad dressing you can always add lemon juice to your ingredient list. By using lemon juice you add a wonderful flavor to the guacamole and salad dressing and the lemon juice will help prevent the avocado from turning brown at least until you can finish your meal. Once you place it in the refrigerator it does start to turn a little brown though.

The next thing you can do to prevent an avocado from turning brown is to use an appliance to seal out the air when storing in a plastic type bag. When you choose to use this type of appliance know that it is going to be an investment. These appliances are a wonderful addition to your household and they will help with keeping all kinds of foods fresh. These are widely available appliances that you can find in almost any small appliance store. Once you put an avocado into the bag and seal out all the air it will stay fresh for several days with little to no brown coloring on the fruit. Again the only downside to this option is the cost of purchasing another appliance. Recently some storage bag companies have made their own version of the major appliance that seals the air out so that would probably be a more cost effective option to keeping your avocados fresh.

The only other storage option you would have would be to place the avocado in a zip top bag and squeeze all the air out yourself. This will only keep the avocado from turning brown for a day at most. The only sure way to keep an avocado from turning brown would be to eat the whole thing!

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