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How to Make Snow Slushies

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"How to Make Snow Slushies"
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When the snow flies, this is a favorite drink that can be easily made and which is almost always a big hit, though it is simple to make. Kids love this, but beware, they may be asking for it constantly! Very easy to make, inexpensive, and a great drink for the entire family, this is one recipe that should be tried.

You'll need

1 packet of Kool-aid
1 cup sugar

Scoop a gallon pitcher full of clean, fresh fallen snow and bring it inside. To this, add the Kool-aid and sugar, and mix well. The mixing can be done in a large bowl if needed. Spoon this mixture into glasses, three quarters full, and serve with a spoon and a straw. This is better than any slushie you can buy at the store!

Adult version: For those that like alcoholic beverages, 1 shot of rum, vodka, or bourbon can be added per glassful, and stirred in. This is a unique drink that is really quite good, and worth a try.

Not only is this a great drink, it is a money saver. A single store bought slushie costs more and doesn't taste as good as a gallon of home made snow slushies. It is also higher quality, since snow is much finer ice than the best that the machines in the store can produce. Best of all, you can vary the amount of sugar you put into it and even add other flavorings, such as juices, as you wish. This is a great drink, despite being so simple.

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