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How to Make an Improvised Cupcake Carrier

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"How to Make an Improvised Cupcake Carrier"
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A cupcake carrier, improvised.  

You have your cupcakes perfectly decorated, you smile proudly because they look great. You are ready to take them on the road. You look around a bit befuddled, what now? How can you do this? Carrying them on a flat plate or tray puts all that hard work and pretty icing in jeopardy. You do not want them to arrive a smooched up mess of smeared icing.

There has to be another way.   If you are like me, not blessed with a speciality cupcake carrier, you will need to improvise. You will start with a shirt box. The flat boxes you use for Holiday gift giving are perfect for this. You want the ones that hold shirts, sweaters and such they'll be prefect.  

For one dozen cupcakes, open the box and put the lid upside down on a stack of old news print. With a pencil or a pen draw three straight lines inside the length of the box lid, the lines should be about equally spaced and equally distant form the edge of the box. Turning the box, one quarter turn and draw four lines along the width of the box crossing the first set of lines. They should cross at twelve points. Again they need to be close to equally spaced and equally distant form the edge of the box. Spacing is not critical for these lines, you can probably eyeball their placement as they are just a guide.   Where the lines intersect you will need to cut an, "X" with a craft knife. Cut the, "X," through the lid. Cut twelve,"X"s, one at each intersecting point along those lines. The,"X," should be about one and a half inches tall. Using your thumb, gently punch through each of the,"X,'s from the outside of the lid. You want the flaps to fold towards the inside of the box. The cut, "X,"s are your points to insert the cupcakes. Put the lid back on the box as these boxes are notoriously flimsy when unmatched with their covers. You now have an uncovered cupcake carrier.  

To cover your dainty delicacies and protect the pretty icing, you will need to tape four small paper cups to the lid, tape one on each corner of the box lid positioned upside down. The paper cups should stand taller then the iced cupcakes. Now just cover the whole thing with plastic foil or aluminum foil. Stretch the foil over the paper cups protecting your little masterpieces and you're good to go.  

Enjoy your party.

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