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How to get the most Enjoyment from a Cigar

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"How to get the most Enjoyment from a Cigar"
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Ah, the cigar. Those who have discovered the beauty of the cigar and the manner in which it should be enjoyed will agree that there are times where nothing can beat a good cigar. But how does one get the most enjoyment from their cigar? The answer to this question would depend on the individual that is enjoying the cigar. Some people like the stronger cigars while others prefer a milder blend. Some will like a long cigar with a huge ring gauge while others prefer the smaller cigars. Some like cigars that are flavored, while others get nauseous at the thought of a flavored cigar. The types, blends, brands, flavors, smell, etc of the cigar are as diverse as the population that smokes them.

To truly enjoy a cigar, the main thing that you would need to know is the type of cigar that you enjoy. If you are not sure of what you like, you can go to any cigar store and there you will find someone that can help you get started. Once you have determined the type you enjoy, the next thing that you will need to do is determine the environment in which you will be smoking the cigar. Some people enjoy smoking at a lounge or in an indoor area where cigars are allowed. Others prefer to smoke in a quieter place outdoors. Once a place is selected, you will then need to determine who, if anyone, you want to share a cigar with. This is one point that most cigar smokers will agree on. There is nothing better in the world than smoking a cigar with a friend.

So you have gotten the basic foundation for you cigar enjoying experience. Given just this, you will be hard pressed not to enjoy your cigar. But how do you get the MOST enjoyment from the cigar. This can be an experience almost more wonderful than anything else in life. This method is followed by a few dedicated smokers out there, but not everyone is aware of the steps to take to enjoy that cigar fully.

The 1st thing that one will want to do when preparing to smoke the cigar is to cut the cigar. Do not bite on, poke, pull, tear, or anything other than cut the cigar. The proper cut on a cigar will just be right above the cap on the unopened end of the cigar. If you cut too much, the cigar could unravel (thus unraveling your plans to enjoy the cigar). The next thing to do is to toast the cigar. It is very important that you use a proper flame. A torch lighter works the best, but a butane lighter of any form is a necessity.

Without drawing on the cigar, light the foot and get it lit. Once the foot begins to glow, wave the cigar under your nose and smell the flavors starting to come out. Continue to do this until the foot is glowing and then take your 1st draw. By toasting the cigar instead of puffing on it to light it, you are accomplishing 2 things. First you are preparing your nostrils and your palette for the 1st puff. Second, you are energizing the tobacco and are making the flavors meld.

You have the method and the foundation that you need in order to gain a full enjoyment from the cigar. Relax and savor the moment for it truly will be enjoyable.

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