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How to Fix Grainy Frosting

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"How to Fix Grainy Frosting"
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This article will attempt to give you some quick tips and tricks so that your cakes look more professional and your frosting comes out perfect. Making frosting takes a lot of trial and error because it is very susceptible to the weather and the warmer climate you are in you will need more stabilizers to make the frosting thick and able to stand. Another issue that arises is that frosting can take on a very grainy texture instead of the smooth cream that it should look like. Nevertheless, it is rewarding to make your own frosting instead of buying the pre packaged kind in tubs.

If there is an excess of icing and you have to store add a pinch of baking powder to the frosting. It will make it remain soft and not form a crust on the top. Graininess results when the sugar crystallizes in lumps due to the changing physical states of the sugar. In order to prevent this wash down the sides of the pan with a watered pastry brush. Then continue with the recipe as normal. Adding a pinch of salt to the sugar will also keep it from becoming grainy.

When frosting a cake put on a thin layer first and then add a second layer of frosting on top. Your cake will look more professional that way. To keep the frosting from soaking through your cake, sprinkle powdered sugar on each layer before frosting it.

The most common frosting that holds its shape well is butter cream frosting. It is a soft frosting made of butter, sugar and flavored with chocolate, orange zest, or essences of rose, almond and banana. It can be piped or spread and can hold whatever shape it is given. That is why it is ideal for forming into flowers or the greeting. Butter cream is best made from confectioner’s sugar. It is best to apply it with a warmed palate knife as this prevents the frosting from crusting too quickly. Frosting made from shortening instead of butter holds up better and stands longer. However using all shortening will also compromise the flavor of the frosting that is why it is best to make a mix of half butter and half shortening when making the frosting.

Making frostings is a fun art and adds that complete factor to cakes and cookies. Experiment with different flavors and textures and you will be rewarded with the results.

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