How to Cook Juicy and Moist Burgers on a Grill

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"How to Cook Juicy and Moist Burgers on a Grill"
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To the inexperienced griller, keeping burgers moist and juicy on the grill may seem daunting and challenging. You may not know when to flip the burgers or how strong the heat from the grill should be. With a few simple tricks and tips, you'll be able to grill moist, juicy burgers without the fear of drying them out.

•Tip 1: Always make sure you preheat the grill before cooking the burgers

Many people make the mistake of placing the burgers on the grill, then heating the grill. If you place burgers, or any type of food for that matter, on the grill immediately after you begin to heat it, your burgers will be exposed to the heat for too long, due to the time it takes for the grill to reach an appropriate cooking temperature. If you place burgers on the grill immediately after beginning to heat the grill, there is a high chance that you will burn and dry out the burgers. They won't make a nice, savory meal after that.

•Tip 2: Never leave your burgers unattended

It's generally in your best interest to keep an eye on your burgers while they cook. It's fine if you need to take a minute to grab a drink or go to the bathroom (please remember to wash your hands, this is food you're dealing with). Check the condition of the burgers about every minute or two, just to keep any errors to a minimum.

•Tip 3: Know when to flip those burgers

This step is crucial to ensure that your burgers remain moist and juicy. Many inexperienced grillers are unsure of when to flip their burgers, either flipping them too early or too late. If a burger is flipped too early, the burger will remain juicy, but it will likely be undercooked and will stick to the grill. If the burgers are flipped too late, the perfect opportunity to flip the burgers has passed, and your burger will probably be dry, crunchy, and burnt. Knowing when to flip your burgers is related to the previously mentioned Tip 2. After about six or seven minutes of cooking the burgers, gently slide a spatula under each burger. If the burger gives little to no resistance to the movement of the spatula, your burger is ready to be flipped. If the burgers give fair resistance, don't force them off of the grill, just let them sit for another minute. Repeating this process is vital to ensure that your burgers remain juicy.

•Tip 4: Preheat high, cook low

It's perfectly fine to preheat your grill at a high temperature; the grill will be prepared to cook in less time. When you throw the burgers on the grill, don't be afraid to lower the temperature of the grill. I do not recommend trying to speed through the process of cooking the burgers, especially since it doesn't take long anyway. Cooking at a lower temperature will not burn out the juices as much as a higher temperature would. Thus, you have more time to accurately cook your burgers.

•Tip 5: Once the burgers touch the grill, DO NOT move them until they are ready to be flipped

Make sure you plan out where to put and space burgers on the grill ahead of time. This will save you the trouble of having to squeeze a burger into a spot, or even worse, having to move an uncooked burger from the grill. Taking an uncooked burger from the grill, even just to move it to another spot, can ruin your burger. An uncooked burger will stick to your grill. Moving it will be problematic, simply because pieces of the burger will be left behind, the burger may flip and fall on the ground if too much force is used to pry the burger from the grill and during the transfer to another spot, the burger will likely lose a portion of the juices inside it.

All in all, just make sure you follow these tips, and you'll have juicy burgers that you, your family, and guests will find enjoyable.

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