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How to Arrange a Vegetable Tray

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"How to Arrange a Vegetable Tray"
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Vegetable trays make a nice and healthy dish to serve to your guests or to bring to a party.  There are many different ways that you can arrange them that will look very nice.  A lot of people have pre-made dishes that are made for vegetables.  The following are some tips on how to arrange a vegetable tray.

Go for a variety of bright colors

Vegetable trays can be very attractive if you use vegetables of different colors in order to make it look eye-catching.  For instance, if you are going to be putting peppers on it, you may want to consider using red, yellow and green peppers to make it very attractive.  You can use other red items such as tomatoes (which are actually fruits but which often appear on vegetable trays), other green items such as broccoli, celery and snap peas and other orange items such as carrots.  You can add in different things such as white cauliflower.  You may want to arrange the colors so that the different colored items are next to each other and it looks like there is a nice variety.

In the middle, many people like to put some sort of dip.  If you want to be extravagant you could use more than one dip.  Often people like a ranch, Italian or an onion dip, but there are different ones that you can use. 

There are different ways to arrange the tray.  Some trays have the dip in the middle and then different spaces coming out all around it to make a circle.  You can also make your own like this if you just get a big round platter, put the dip in the middle and then the vegetables around it yourself.  Some of pre-made platters have different shapes.  You can either put the vegetables in facing one direction (such as the celery all facing one way) or just mix it in. 

If the vegetable tray is going to be out for along time, you may want to place ice in different spots.  One strategy is to put the entire try on some ice or something cold.  They actually make trays that have a built in area underneath for the ice.  The most important thing to worry about is the dip, so even if you are not going to have everything on ice, you may want to place some near the dip.

If you are going to be traveling with it, you want to finish up your vegetable tray with some sort of cover such as plastic wrap. 

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