How Green Tea can help you Lose Weight

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"How Green Tea can help you Lose Weight"
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Drinking green tea can help you lose weight! I drank green tea with ginseng for five years. When I drank a cup or two a day my weight would stay the same. But when I  increased it to three to four cups a day, I'd lose weight. When I drank several cups a day with ginseng in it, I felt like Supergirl. Yes, I  felt like I could fly, and leap tall buildings in a single bound.

With the extra kick of caffeine in it, I was accomplishing so much everyday. I felt incredibly energized and super, ultra creative. And I lost weight. But, I was losing too much weight too fast, and I couldn't stop going to the bathroom. And I'm not talking when you have to pee a lot-catch my drift?

I loved drinking green tea. It was part of my morning ritual to have several cups of my morning elixir while I ate breakfast. And then have some more after getting the kids off to school, while I went on the computer. And the energy I got from it was great. I kept the house super clean, kept up with the kids, and exercised every day.

But due to stomach problems and several visits to a doctor, I cut way back on my caffeine intake. My family doctor told me to after I confessed I was drinking a two liters of pepsi a day and green tea. I even asked the doctor if green tea was the culprit to my inability to stop having bowel movements, constant gas and weight lose. He said he didn't think so.

But after my second visit to a stomach specialist, I was told I had IBS. Basically, it's having nervous bowels. When I told my Mother about this she told me to stop drinking green tea. She said her pharmacist told her some herbs can actually block the absorption of drugs. Considering that I'm taking prevacid, I cut out the green tea also.

And guess what happened? After several months my stomach feels so much better. I have a lot less energy, and I've gained twelve fattening pounds. Some of that is getting the water weight back. But some is just gross fat as I can see in my ever expanding stomach, and hips.

I still crave green tea, especially with ginseng. I was even wondering if I could drink one or two cups a day and see if the weight gain would stop. I don't even want to exercise anymore, because I don't have the energy. But, I'm going to force myself to start walking every day again. And I'm going to cut back on those yummy double stuff cookies I've been craving lately. I wonder if I could just suck on a green tea teabag, and it wouldn't mess up my stomach again.

Yes, I know with the green tea and caffeine and the ginseng were messing up my stomach and were making me so nervous I had sleeping problems. And I know I have IBS which caffeine can make worse, but can't I just have my green tea back? I really feel that drinking green tea, especially with ginseng in it does give you energy and helps you lose weight. It's either Chinese people or Japanese people that have been drinking green tea for thousands of years, for it's health benefits. In American culture manufacturer's are promoting green tea as a weight loss aid, and you can find it in so many different products now.

Before you know it, some incredibly smart person will combine chocolate bars with green tea in it. Then you'll burn off the calories from the chocolate right away.
But until then I am going to have to find some other way to lose weight. I wonder if black tea gives you energy?

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