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Frozen vegetables, are they as healthy as fresh ones?

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"Frozen vegetables, are they as healthy as fresh ones?"
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Did you ever wonder where your child got those allergies? Where the cancer you were recently diagnosed with, came from? How about that newly developed hormone or neurological condition? Maybe it's something you ate.

Health is a big issue today and more and more people are eating more vegetables. Fresh vegetables are always healthier than frozen. For one thing, they contain more fiber and don't contain as many of the dangerous chemicals that are used in commercial frozen food processing. The worst chemicals being pesticides like DDT and Deildren, which have been banned in some places but often replaced by others just as dangerous. It's sickening how much the food industry puts profit ahead of human life and health. And the FDA approves of it!

Preservatives like: Propyl gallate, BHA and BHT (banned in England) and sodium nitrate are in your frozen foods and many of these pesticides and other chemicals can harm the your nervous system and cause brain damage, chromosome damage, disrupt your hormones, cause and irritate allergies and even cancer. These chemicals are known as "Probable Human Carcinogens" and "Hidden Carcinogens". (And we wonder why we have more diseases on our planet than ever before.)

Imported food is even worse! Toxic chemicals that are illegal in the United States are not necessarily illegal in other countries, yet many of us are ingesting them every day in frozen foods.

Companies use these chemicals to lengthen the shelf life of many foods, give them a brighter color so they'll look more appetizing and for enhanced flavoring; all at the expense of our health. (Why should they care? They are making money hand-over-fist when they sell this garbage.)

Artificial coloring can add to hyperactivity in children, impaired learning and visual functions and even nerve damage.

Brominated vegetable oil has been linked to ulcers, intestinal ulcers, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, birth defects, growth problems and suppressed immune function. While hydrogenated vegetable oils can cause cancer, elevated cholesterol, heart disease, arteriosclerosis and depressed immune function.

The FDA does not ban nitrates because they prevent botulism, yet they form cancer-causing agents in our stomach and can cause death.

MSG can cause nervous system and productive disorders, high-blood pressure, and allergies, yet is often used in infants´ formula, milk, candy, chewing gum and even in our prescription medications.

Olestra, (Olean), causes gastrointestinal irritation and reduces fat-soluble vitamins in our bodies.

Potassium bromate can cause kidney and nervous system disorders.

Sulfites, (allergens), destroy vitamin B1; can cause asthma, anaphylactic shock and even death.

Further, frozen vegetables sometimes sit in store freezers for weeks which will deplete whatever nutrients are left after being processed with these chemicals. They are often packaged in plastic, another "carcinogen" and petroleum product which can allow toxins to leach into the foods.

So anytime you can, grow your own vegetables and fruits or buy organic. You'll ward off a host of diseases and medical conditions and no doubt live a longer, more fulfilled life.

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