Five Ways to Sweeten your Coffee

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"Five Ways to Sweeten your Coffee"
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Most coffee drinkers reach for the sugar or artificial sweetener when they are doctoring their coffee. There are, however, other ways to sweeten your morning joe. These five methods can give your coffee a bit of interest and variety.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar sweetens coffee in much the same way as sugar. However, since brown sugar has a higher molasses content, you get a delightful, slightly bitter flavor. The sweetening capabilities of brown sugar in your coffee are similar to that of regular table sugar. That means you can use pretty much the same amount.


Honey is an all-natural sweetener that has some health benefits in addition to being quite sweet. Honey, however, has a distinct flavor that it gives to the coffee it sweetens. If you like honey in general, this sweetener is for you. If you don't like honey, do not sweeten your coffee in this way. The flavor is quite strong.


Stevia is an all-natural sweetener derived from a plant. It is said to be a healthy alternative to table sugar or artificial sweeteners.

It is a lot sweeter than table sugar by volume, so you do not have to use as much Stevia to sweeten your coffee. This coffee sweetener has a flavor that is similar to licorice. There are also flavored Stevia liquids that you can use to both sweeten your coffee and create new taste sensations like vanilla, hazlenut and mint. You only need to use the same amount as sugar.

Cocoa mix

Adding a teaspoon or two of sweetened hot cocoa mix to your coffee creates a mocha treat. This taste rivals expensive specialty coffees from trendy shops. Also add half and half or milk for a creamy treat.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup lovers might like to create a breakfast coffee drink by combining two favorite things. Using maple syrup in your coffee makes a beverage that complements pancakes and waffles perfectly. It does taste like maple syrup, and it does take more syrup than sugar to sweeten your coffee. Be careful, however: You might find a sticky glob may at the bottom of your cup.


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