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Easy Creative Ways to use Biscuits

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"Easy Creative Ways to use Biscuits"
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Biscuits. Such a simple word for such a multi-tasking, team playing item! Whether homemade or canned, biscuits can be a wonderful part of your meal; whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, dessert or even snack time, biscuits have a life of their own - you just have to let them live it! You can be feeding one or a dozen, and biscuits can pull it all together for you! You just have to make them work for you! Whether a tube of store bought biscuits or your favorite handmade recipe, no kitchen should be without biscuits. And let's not forget that biscuits are a fantastic money saving addition to any meal - if you just let them be all they can be!

Most common use for a biscuit is just as the bread part of a meal, but why be so boring about it? If baking them for breakfast, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar! Usually, we cut the biscuit open for breakfast and add jelly and that's the biscuit's life...BORING! Why not stick a slice of cheese in there for a neat little breakfast grilled cheese sandwich? At lunch time, cut in half and add a slice of cheese, a slice of meat and some mustard? And for dinner, sprinkle some herbs or garlic on top of the biscuit before you bake it. Just adding that little extra flavor, enhances the biscuit to be more than just bread! Or how about the dumplings part of Chicken and Dumplings! And how about dessert? Use biscuits as shortbread and make a strawberry shortcake!

Here's a few of the ways I use biscuits:

Secret Dogs: This is my 7 year old grand daughter's favorite! She loves to make them herself. Take a biscuit and roll it out to about 1/4" thick oblong size. Take a regular hot dog and cut it in half. Place the piece of hot dog to the edge of the biscuit. Pull the edge of the biscuit up over the dog and start rolling the dog in the biscuit dough. With wet finger tips, secure the edges of the biscuit closed. Place seam side down on baking sheet. Bake at 350* until golden brown. Once done, dip in any condiment you like! These are also great for a finger food at a party or just a snack food on movie night! Variation: Slice the hot dog open and insert a little slice of cheese, then roll it up - instant cheese dogs! Add some chili and you got it made!

Mini Burgers: Again, trying to work with my grand daughters picky eating habits, I just bake the biscuits as usual (don't let them touch each other when baking or they rise too much and make a round biscuit instead of a bun style). Then I take a log of hamburger, cut slices of the burger meat about 1/2" thick. Cook the mini burgers, and then add a slice of cheese, pickle and a condiment and you have fantastic Mini Burgers! Most kids love eating little fun things instead of a huge "grown up" meal! These are great for kid's party's, family get-togethers, or other time you might need a couple bits of a finger food! I also assemble the burger with cheese and then seal them in plastic and aluminum foil and freeze them. When my grand daughter comes over, I just pop them in the microwave for 35 seconds and lunch is ready!

Pizza Crusts: Roll the biscuit out into a large circle - thick as you like your pizza crusts. Bake at 350* until slightly golden brown. Add sauce and topping and return to oven. I always use a toaster oven. When cheese is melted, your pizza is ready! These are great for a kids party where the kids can make their own pizza or again, movie night!

Cheese Logs: Take one biscuit and roll it into a long roll. Roll them as long and thin as you like! Roll them in Parmesan cheese. Bake at 350* until golden brown. Remember: The longer and thinner you roll them, the less baking time they need so watch your baking! When done, cool to just warm and serve with your favorite Italian meal or dip in pizza sauce or just some fun salad sticks!

Italian Bread: Flatten each biscuit with your hand - just a little smash, not completely flattened and brush with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil or any oil you have on hand!) and sprinkle with italian spices. Bake at 350* until golden brown.

And let's not forget garnishment uses! A Shepard's Pie usually uses mashed potatoes for the topping. Instead, cut each biscuit into fourths and make a nice layer of these little "biscuits" on the top of the meat/vegetable mixture in the bowl. Brown as you would if using the mashed potatoes! Same theory if making pot pies . Instead of a pie crust, use the little biscuits to make the top crust. What a pretty addition to the dish they wll be!

And then there's decoration uses: Place each biscuit on the baking sheet, and using a knife, cut the biscuit in half, then turn and do in half again, making an + in the center of the dough. Leave as is and as they rise, they will bake with a nice decorative + on top! Or, using your thumb, press down in the center of the biscuit dough. Fill with Jelly and bake!

A biscuit can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So many uses for such a simple item! No matter your meal, biscuits can fit in some how, some way. Just use your imagination and see what you come up with!

Tip: To make biscuits, you place them with edges touching so that they rise. To make crusts or logs or so that they dont rise, leave space between them. If they have nothing to hold on to to rise, they won't rise.

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