Clever Add Ins for your Brownie Recipe

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"Clever Add Ins for your Brownie Recipe"
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Brownies are wonderful tender, double chocolate cookie bars that are terrific for after school treats and for a delightful sweet snack with coffee, nothing is better. However let's look deeply into a pan of brownies and see what "add-ins" we can find to further the cause and build brownies into gourmet food items.

An add-in is any secret ingredient you gingerly include in the regular recipe. Here are a few hints.

-Extracts and flavorings: Mint, Almond, Coconut, Brandy, liqueurs, and oils (cinnamon, or bubble gum flavored) may all be added to the recipe to add multiple layers of flavor.

-Nuts: Try exotic nuts from far-away lands. Peanuts, Cashews, Slivered Almonds, and Candied Walnuts all are quite willing to lend their crunch and flavor to a batch of brownies.

-Macadamia nuts add a certain crunch and color to the brown palate, like white pearls floating in a sea of chocolate.

-Chocolate Covered Brazil nuts lay suspended in the chocolate cake bliss, the chocolate layer clings to the batter, which in turn holds the nut in place until baked to perfection; adding delightful crunchiness to every bite. Add only 1 cup of chocolate covered nuts per batch.

-Butter Pecans always add richness to anything they touch. Pure perfection enrobed in fudgy goodness. Saute one cup pecans in 1 tbsp. Butter, add 1 tbsp. sugar, and cook 1 min. stirring to coat.

-Salted Mixed Nuts for who doesn't like chocolate, sweet and salty all together? These mixed nuts do a double step when place in brownie batter and baked, the heat brings out the true flavors of the nuts, and the salt adds its own flavor to the sweet cakey goodness of the cookies.

Add seeds to Brownie batter for that fun, crunch factor!

-Toasted Pumpkin Seeds add fun, crunch, and a subtle savory flavor into the mix. Toast in the oven for 20 minutes on 300oF.

-Sunflower Seeds for a thousand reasons to be happy. Add 1/2 cup to the batter and stir them in!

-Pinion Seeds or Pignolia add that certain pizzazz to the cookies. Toast them first in a moderate oven for 10-12 minutes so they will be super crunchy.

Candy add-ins offer fun to your brownies.

-Add 1 box of Jr. Mints into batter and gently stir. mighty minty!

-Two Skor Bars broken into bits offer a particular smoothness and chocolaty crunch.

-Stir in two boxes of Raisinettes into the chocolate batter for a surprise sweetness.

-Goobers, chocolate covered peanuts add crunch and salty goodness.

You still want more? Let's press on; what more can we gently stir into a batch of brownies? Isn't this fun?

Let's see what fruits we can add to brownies.

-Dried, ground pineapple, or apricots, cherries or cranberries; candied lemon or orange peel

-Fruit and Nuts Trail Mix Bars, process 2 bars in your food processor, do not pulverize; stir in gently. Adds good fruity crunch and healthy oats to the batch.

Cookies can be great add-ins!

-White Chocolate covered Oreos; need we say more?

-Animal crackers, kids have fun finding the animals!

-Teddy Grahams, they stay crunchy in brownies and who doesn't like a teddy bear?

When all's said and done if you have a good brownie recipe hang on to it, and for fun find add-ins your family will enjoy. Adding to the recipe will bring you and your family volumes of fun brownie eating pleasure.

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