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Black Tooth Grin

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The Black Tooth Grin is one of the simplest drinks to mix, with only three ingredients.

The drink was created by then guitarist, of the Heavy Rock group Pantera, Dimebag Darrell Abbott, and became a favorite of band members. The name was apparently inspired by lyrics from the Megadeath song “Sweating Bullets: Some day you too will know my pain, And smile it's black toothed grin.”

The popularity of the drink may be largely due to the circumstances of it's creator's death. Dimebag Darrel was shot five times, once in the head, and died instantly. He was assassinated on December 8, 2004, whilst on stage at a performance with his new band Damageplan. The assassin, Nathan Gale, then silently fired a further ten shots, killing another three people, and wounding seven more. He even took the time to reload during the attack.

Following Dimebag Darrell's death, the Black Tooth Grin has become a popular drink, especially around the anniversary of the massacre, and is often consumed with the toast:

"Hey man, pour me another black tooth grin, I'm getting shit-faced before the show"

Although some define any double shot of whiskey with a splash of coke as a Black Tooth Grin, and others apply the name to a double shot of any two whiskeys plus coke, or a double shot of the two whiskeys in question, it most properly applies to a drink mixed of two specific whiskeys.


Large shot of Seagrams 7 whiskey
Large shot of Crown Royal whiskey
Splash of Coca-Cola


1. In a Glass:

* Serve both large shots and a small splash of cola, just enough to muddy the color, into a 10oz, or “middy” glass, with no ice.
* Add a splash of Cola, just enough to muddy the color of the whiskeys, and down quickly.

2. In the Mouth:

* Take a large swig from one whiskey bottle 
* While holding the liquid in the mouth, take a large swig from the second whiskey bottle
*Take a sip of coke from a can or bottle before the swilling the mixture around in the mouth then swallow.

The Black Tooth Grin is not meant to be a refined drink, and is not a rsponsible one when mixed in the mouth. It's sole purpose is the swift inebriation of the drinker. Mixing in the mouth and holding the liquid there may speed the transition of alcohol into the bloodstream. Also, be aware that downing spirits in this way will lead to a strong burning sensation in the back of the throat.

*Crown Royal is a blended Canadian Whiskey, 40% volume, 80 proof. It is the best selling Canadian whiskey in the United States.
*Seagram's Seven Crown Royal Whiskey is a blended American Whiskey, also 40% volume and 80 proof.

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