Best Ways to Cook Venison

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"Best Ways to Cook Venison"
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Venison, which is deer meat, can be cooked in a variety of ways, depending on taste and which part of the deer you’re working with.

One of the things to consider with venison is that it has a wild gamey taste or flavor. Some people like that, some don’t. If you’re cooking for people that don’t much care for it, then you’re probably best off cooking it in ways that mask the flavor, such as when cooking it in chili or spiced as when imitating pulled pork. But be sure to use the less choice parts of the deer, because you want to save the better cuts for those that do like the gamey taste.

And for those that do, one of the best ways to cook venison is to start with one or the more tender cuts, which means steaks. These come off the deer in the same places that they do for a cow, so the better the steak the more tender and juicer it will be. But, unless the deer is pretty young, you will likely need to cook it differently than you do beef steak, because deer meat is just not as tender as is beef. At any rate, what you do is throw some bacon fat in an iron skillet and turn then heat up high, then dip your venison steak in some baking flour, and then toss it into the hot skillet. Make sure it’s really hot though because you want to sear the meat to keep in all of the juice. Leave the steak sitting there searing for about thirty seconds, then lift the steak and hold it in the air for about another fifteen seconds or so, then drop it down onto the other side to sear it as well. The reason you hold the steak up before dropping is so the skillet can get real hot again after the steak cooled it down. Then, once both sides are seared, turn the steak about once every couple of minutes or so till it’s done, which usually shouldn’t take more than five or six minutes, depending on how thick your steak is.

Another good way to cook venison is in a stew, which might be the most famous way. To make it this way, cook the meat the same way as described above for steak, except you cut the meat into cubes first and you cook it in a Dutch oven, or iron pot, instead of a skillet. Once the meat is done throw a couple of cups of water into the pot, cover it, and turn the heat down so it will simmer. Let the meat cook that way for an hour or more depending on how choice the meat cut. Then, make a gravy by mixing flour and water in a glass and then pouring it slowly into the simmering pot while stirring with a fork. Season to taste, then toss in your vegetables and then put the lid back on and let things simmer for awhile longer. You’ll know when it’s done by the thickness of the liquid.

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