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Best Tasting Store Bought Spaghetti Sauce

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"Best Tasting Store Bought Spaghetti Sauce"
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There is nothing like the flavor of a traditional homemade spaghetti sauce atop your favorite pasta. While these sauces may be preferred, they can also take hours to prepare. Whether you are preparing a simple Italian dish for your family or for guests, you want to have a spaghetti sauce that doesn’t taste like it came from a jar. If you are searching for the best-tasting, store-bought spaghetti sauce, these recommendations might be just what you are looking for.

Rao’s Specialty Sauces

Rao’s is not only one of the best store-bought sauces for pasta, it is also one of the most expensive brands. Another problem with Rao’s sauces is that they may not be available in your local grocery store. However, all of the Rao’s sauces can be ordered online via the company’s website.

Rao’s has different sauces depending upon what you are cooking. For a simple spaghetti dish, the tomato basil sauce is recommended. If you can find Rao’s at your supermarket, you will spend in the range of $8-$10 for one jar but it will cost you a lot more if you order from their website. The best place to find Rao’s is at Target but other large store chains carry it as well. And if you happen to be in New York or Vegas, you can sample their premium sauces at one of their fine restaurants.

Bove’s Sauces

Another great spaghetti sauce is Bove’s. Although it does cost a bit more than Ragu, it is less than Rao’s and easier to find in stores. There are several flavors available but for spaghetti, you might want to go with the “Basil” or “Roasted Garlic”.  This brand has just a hint of sweetness without going overboard on the sugar. Bove’s averages $5 a jar at both stores and on their website.

Emeril’s Sauces

If Rao’s and Bove’s are hard for you to find, then go for Emeril’s pasta sauces. Emeril’s is readily available at almost all supermarkets and it’s usually priced under $5 a jar. In some taste tests, Emeril’s was actually preferred over Bove’s. There are a handful of different flavors to choose from including Tomato & Basil and a personal favorite – Home Style Marinara Pasta Sauce. Emeril’s sauces are gluten-free and certified Kosher.

Keep in mind that almost all store-bought spaghetti sauces come in different flavors. Shy away from those that contain meat and opt instead to add your own fresh meat if wanted. Some brands have added sugars so if you don’t care for a sweet sauce, check for one that is low in sugar. Always check the ingredients to be sure that the brand doesn’t contain an ingredient that you don’t care for. If you find that the brand you chose has too robust a flavor, you can tame the taste by adding extra tomato sauce to the spaghetti sauce. And don’t be afraid to add your own special touches to store-bought spaghetti sauce so that it matches your flavor preference.

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