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Best Tasting Store Bought Pizza Sauce

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"Best Tasting Store Bought Pizza Sauce"
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Many agree that the flavor of homemade pizza sauce outranks most store-bought pizza sauces.  But that doesn’t stop companies from trying to re-create that flavorful red sauce that can make or break a pizza.  Without a doubt, store-bought pizza sauce can be the perfect solution when you don’t have a lot of time to simmer up a pan of homemade sauce.  The best store-bought pizza sauces may not be available in your area but if you can find these brands, you can quickly top your pizza pie without having to make your own.

Pastorelli Pizza Sauce

Pastorelli’s pizza sauce is an award winning sauce that comes quite close to most homemade versions.  The great part about this brand is the ingredients.  It contains extra-virgin olive oil and imported Pecorino-Romano cheese, and the garlic flavor really adds to the traditional Italian flavor.  The sauce also contains tomato puree, canola oil, salt, and spices – that’s it, no crazy preservatives that you can’t pronounce.  This unique brand of pizza sauce isn’t available in all grocery stores across the US but can be ordered from their website.

Don Pepino Pizza Sauce

Another brand that is limited to consumers, Don Pepino is highly popular in Jersey where it is usually readily available.  If you can’t find Pastorelli, this is the next best thing.  Don Pepino’s contains tomatoes, corn oil, salt, spices, and garlic powder – it’s definitely lacking that extra touch but it’s far superior to some mass-produced brands.  Don Pepino is also available for order online.

Pastene Pizza Sauce

Pastene is known for a variety of products including pastas, olives, and their amazing extra virgin olive oil.  They also have a descent pizza sauce but the ingredients are not as appetizing as Pastorelli’s and Don Pepino’s sauces.  Along with the typical tomato puree and spices, Pastene also adds corn syrup, soybean oil, modified corn starch, and citric acid garlic powder.  Since Pastene is more widely available than Pastorelli and Don Pepino, Pastene would be a good pick if you need some pizza sauce in a hurry.

Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce

Probably one of the most heard about and popular pizza sauces in grocery stores across the US, Chef Boyardee has a following. If you can get your hands on a brand that has all-natural ingredients, the flavor will reward you over this canned pizza sauce.  But Chef Boyardee is a great alternative especially for those living in rural areas and don’t have access to larger grocery chains.

Making a homemade pizza sauce is fairly simple and is your best bet for flavor and quality.  But if cooking isn't your thing or you are lacking time, these brands will get you through your homemade pizza dilemma. 

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