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Best Romantic Restaurants in Knoxville Tn most Romantic Restaurants Knoxville Tn Knoxville Dining

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"Best Romantic Restaurants in Knoxville Tn most Romantic Restaurants Knoxville Tn Knoxville Dining"
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Knoxville has many, many romantic restaurants to select from, but there are a few that go above and beyond to create that perfect atmosphere for an evening of romance and fine dining. I will list them in order, starting with my personal favorites I save for the most special of occasions and will end with those I love to frequent on a regular basis.

 Fleming's Steak House 

Fleming's is by far the best romantic restaurant in Knoxville. You are sure to be treated like royalty while you enjoy the finest of steaks and seafood by candlelight. There is a full-service bar, beautiful decor, and the service is second to none. Each course is prepared beutifully and the flavors are exquisite. I highly recommend the seafood tower for two appetizer, crab cakes, and their prime rib. Also, dinner there isn't complete until you have tried their molten lava cake. It's pure heaven!

Price Range: $100 - $200 per couple average including drinks, tax, and tip.

 The Melting Pot  

The Melting Pot is a unique fondue restaurant that is sure to please. This restaurant is perfect for a romantic evening. You will have plenty of quiet time together with the one you love while you enjoy four courses of incredible food and fine wine. You can easily spend two hours or more while you enjoy a lovely salad and a variety of fresh breads, apples, and vegetables with your choice of melted cheese. You will also enjoy a selection of meats, seafood, and vegetables that you will prepare by dipping them in your choice of hot broth or oil. Of course the best course is dessert. Your waiter will prepare an amazing mixture of melted chocolate that will serve as a dip for an assortment of fresh fruits, cake bites, brownies, marshmallows and other treats. What's there not to love?

Price Range: $65 - $130 including drinks, tax, and tip.

Volunteer Princess Sunset Dinner Cruises 

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your date, then book a dinner cruise aboard the Volunteer Princess. You will enjoy gourmet dining and fine wines just before sunset aboard a luxury river yacht. The cruise is very relaxing and Knoxville sunsets on the water are breathtaking. It's the perfect way to fall in love for the first time or to celebrate a fifty year wedding anniversary.

Price Range: $110- $150 per couple including drinks, tax, and tip.


Cappuccino's is a unique restaurant. In fact, there are two restaurants that share one kitchen. When you approach the hostess stand you will be asked if you would like to dine in the Copper Cellar or Cappuccino's. Regardless of where you are seated, you will have full access to the menus for both restaurants since they share the same kitchen. The Copper Cellar menu is slightly less sophistacated than the items you will find on the Cappuccino's menu, but all of their dishes are excellent. The restaurant is nicely decorated with rich, red leather booths, warm wood-tones all around, beautiful mirrors, and the soft lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere. The wait staff are excellent and the food is superb. It's a great place for a quiet evening of romance and excellent dining.

Price Range - $55 - $120 per couple including drinks, tax, and tip.

Altruda's Italian Restaurant 

Altruda's is my favorite Italian restaurant period. I've eaten Italian food in restaurants all over the country and Altruda's will always be tops in my book. The dining area is divided into small rooms. One room has cozy booths, another is a bit more open with tables which would be perfect for special events, and my favorite room looks like the inside of a log cabin with wooden tables and it's complete with a working fireplace. Altruda's are known for their  famous garlic rolls that drip with butter and their generous salads, not to mention their authentic Italian cuisine. I can never get enough of their scallops! In fact, all of the dishes I've tried there are incredible. This restaurant provides the feel of an old world Italian experience. They have a full-service bar and the prices are very affordable. My fiance and I have shared many wonderful dates by the fireplace in this restaurant over the years and I look forward to returning again and again for many years to come.

Price Range: $25 - $65 including drinks, tax, and tip.


If you love seafood, then you absolutely must try Chesapeake's. The inside of the restaurant is decorated to resemble the inside of a ship and it's filled with many interesting nautical antiques, artifacts, and beautiful aquariums filled with tropical fish. There's a full-service bar and the menu is quite impressive. it  offers a wide variety of very fresh seafood that is out of this world. I love all of their soups and their seafood platters are wonderful! When you call for reservations, be sure to let the hostess know you will be joining them as part of a romantic evening so they will seat you in one of the booths tucked away in a corner.

Price Range: $55 - $130 including drinks, tax, and tip.

Ye Olde Steakhouse  

Ye Olde Steakhouse serves the best New York Strip in the state. This restaurant is a bit rustic in appearance, but their steaks have won many awards since they first opened in 1968. The restaurant is located in a dry county, but you can bring your own favorite bottle of wine to enjoy with your dinner. The food at Ye Olde Steakhouse isn't as fancy and sophisticated as what you will find at Fleming's, but the flavor more than makes up for anything lacking in presentation. I also recommend their onion rings and the woodshed potatoes. This restaurant isn't quite as romantic as some of the others on the list, but it's the perfect place for a casual date after a sporting event or movie.

Price Range: $35 - $85 including drinks, tax, and tip.

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